faisca |spark|:
small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, alight in ashes.

There is something irrevocably captivating about fire. From the first flickering spark, to the beauty of the dancing flames, to the last smouldering ember. It is energy, in its purest, most raw and powerful form.


At Faisca, it is fire that keeps us alive. In our everyday adventure, we believe in the extraordinary taste and flavour of food cooked over fire, whether on a gleaming hot cast-iron grill over burning flames, or immersed in the heat of the clay and brick woodfire oven, or cooked directly on the burning embers of soot and charcoal. 

There is a timeless quality to this cooking technique - a wild, ancient method which requires humility, patience, determination and an affinity with the most volatile of elements. Inspired by a childhood spent in endless fields, gargantuan mountain ranges and rustic farmhouses, Faisca is an experience where the rustic and contemporary clash, where tradition and innovation meet, where flavours overwhelm.

But it is also a journey, an investigation of the modern world of agriculture and sustainability, an exploration of the immense responsibility that comes with the commitment of being a chef. It is meant to question, challenge and provoke the mind while comforting the soul.

Our journey is one of heat, ashes, smoke, sparks and fire.