Lara participating in cork harvesting in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal.

Lara was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but was raised in rural South America. She grew up playing in mounds of dried rice husks, running through coffee fields, line-fishing in piranha infested rivers and exploring endless pastures on her horse. Her father taught her to hunt and her mother taught her to cook.

She went on to a career in social impact and sustainability, working with rural development and poverty reduction projects for over five years. She decided it was time to combine both passions in her life: food and sustainability. A year's study at Le Cordon Bleu, and Lara completed the Grand Diplome in Cuisine and Patisserie and then the Diploma in Culinary Management. She went onto to work in restaurants in London, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, before co-founding her own street food business, Growlers.

She continues exploring her research and passion for food sustainability as a consultant, writer and guest lecturer in London.